about Contentum


It is not in our power nor in our interest to reinvent the wheel. Rather, the concept of service is the focus of our profession. With our wide range of services and the high expectations to ourselves, we rather focus on to set new standards, while keeping promises and making our customers not only satisfied, but also happy. A successful concept for our clients is the center of our focus.

With the most important parameters in dealing with our clients, ourselves and the consultants in respect, trust,  empathy and initiative. As a start-up, initially with 3 employees and a wide network of skilled and sympathetic relocation consultants, which are always happy to work with us... we are now ready to work for you.

The idea

It would be nice if we can achieve to create a new work-space-feel. Developing positive impact on the employees that results in a positive impact for the customer.

The idea to create a new sense of life through a satisfying / satisfactory job has been close to my heart for a long time.

Sharing joy, trust in each other, promote and being more mindful would be ideal to reach.

The idea thus is to offer a better service.


The journey begins .... 


Respect | Confidence | Trust | Appreciation | Empathic handling | Ease | Being | 

The basic team


Founder and Managing Director

Pioneer of the growing relocation culture in Germany and Switzerland. After my architecture studies and my semi-professional basketball passion in various states and cities, I discovered my fascination for the relocation business in the 90's by coincident. In Düsseldorf as managing partner of one of the (by now) biggest relocation company in Germany, where I was able to gain essential experience in the service business and learned about the clients needs from scratch.

It was especially fascinating to see what has to be done to serve these needs. Our clients utmost satisfaction was my focus of interest and I worked out concepts and services to meet these needs, while still being flexible enough not to neglect individuality. Afterwards I focused on marketing questions and key accounts, and (together with my mentor) on the development of a very special style of approach | working style & ethic for our relocation consultants, which is still defining the company up until today. When I moved to Switzerland 12 years ago I knew that I wanted to continue working in the relocation business... and here we are.


Service is her passion

Coming from an upmost servicec-orientated company as of Nestlé/ Nespresso, Alice will share her exclusive customer aproach and her excellent knowledge about Basel and the cross-border-region with us.

Our customers will also defiantly profit from her various interests and her proactive initiatives. 

We are happy to had won Alice for Contentum as a relocation consultant.


Making you feel at home

Experiencing her own relocation to foreighn countries, is making Silkes service very authentic. Her knowledge of the city and her empathic work with the associate takes away the pressure and fear.

Her professional background in the logistic & supply chain managment gives her the perfect structure to organize a successful relocation services.  

Silke became a very valuable consultant & warm colleague to us.


Our Alsace Cross-boarder specialist, and author of book "The Expat Guide to Southern Alsace" .

Originally from the USA spending years as an expatriate family in Geneva and then moving to the Alsace and becoming French citizens. Her love for the Alsace makes her work as a relocation consulant very passionate with attention to details.

It's a pure pleasure to have Susie as your service consultant. 


OLIVER, coming soon