for Companies

who want their associates to have a delightful experience

Pre Hire Orientation | the first impression counts


You would like, that your candidates choose your company and hence for the Basel region.

The PHO services is vital in supporting the decision making of the future home.

We will ensure, that your potential employees get an accurate and positive impression of the region and recognize the new environment, as a new option.

In the first personal meeting or phone-call we capture their expectations, interests and needs so we can then prepare a customized route through the region.We naturally consider the family situation and their housing needs.

To assist in understanding the housing-market, we will visit a small selection of apartments or houses.

Our aim is that your employee is convinced that they have made the right decision.

SERVICE: about 5 hours face to face (adapted as needed)

  • First contact by phone: grasp of personal expectations | discuss housing wishes | interests and needs
  • Creating | preparing | planning tailored orientation tour
  • Visit about 2 examples of homes
  • tour of the city and surrounding areas
  • housing market | residential areas | country structure
  • explain public transport | bus | tram | train | airport {to work | to school}
  • location of schools and kindergartens 
  • leisure | sports | hobbies
  • arts & culture

taking account of special interests: for e.g. events at the Music Academy | fitness-center | wellness etc.

Just landed 


We collect your candidate from the airport | trainstation etc, to accompany him or her to the accommodation 

Organizing of arrival 

  • Up on request we organize the temporary apartment or  Hotel 
  • Purchase Grocery Package 
  • Apartment check
  • Organize keys
  • Accompany candidate to the accommodation 
  • Explain neighborhood in detail to help with orientation 

Joint Arrival & Housing | The comfort of a warm welcome

A smooth landing into your new enviroment and home location. From the arrival until the handover of your new keys in good hands and well advised.

Von der Ankunft bis zur Schlüsselübergabe gut beraten und begleitet.

SERVICE: ca. 3 days face to face

  •  first contact: capture of personal expectations | discuss housing wishes | interests and needs 
  •  creating housing profile
  • planning:
  • Pick up arrival, accompany to temporary apartment
  • Survival grocery basket.
  • explanation of public transport | bus | tram | train | airport | to work | school supermarkets | post | emergency contact etc.
  • registration with the authorities of the city
  • opening bank account
  • mobility ticket
  • mobile phone
  • search | pick up & accompanied viewings
  • correspondence & process application forms for houses or apartments 
  • support with lease negotiations
  • check and explain housing contract
  • handover of the property
  • document handover-protocol
  • registration with all relevant energy suppliers
  • registry change of address 
  • support | with exchange of drivers-license 
  • support | with appointments for school | kindergarten 
  • support | with phone, TV & internet line
  • support | recommendation of nanny, handyman, cleaner, etc.
  • support | recommendation with healthcare and generally insurance questions
  • support | 3.pillar | pension fonds | recommendation independent agents 

E D U C A T I O N Service | education is food for the spirit

To find the right educational institution is a very sensual issue when moving with children. Our knowhow about the swiss schoolsysthem and our value contacts throughout the school offices and information desks will help to find the best possible solution for you children.

½ day |  2 appointments | school | kindergarten | daycare

1 day | 4 - 5 appointments

Joint Arrival & Housing | V.I.P. | Concierge

A unique service for the very sophisticated and occupied customer.

Contains all services as in the JAH and | or taking over of handyman appointments | any appointments where it needs someones presence | errands | shopping | reservation: theater | Hotel | restaurants etc. and the catering of all tasks occurring in the context of moving to Basel and making things easy for you.

 Max. 1 week             

more services

Just Housing 1,2 or 3 days

Settling in




Drivers license issues | exchange or test

Troubleshooter (immediate service by the hour)


 All services can be changed to a tailor package for your new employee. We love challenges!