and what they say

Jennifer, Sean & Alice Nagle

Head of Market access & Key Account Management

"We had the pleasure of being assigned to Martina when we were relocated to Switzerland from New York City. She helped us not only find a perfect place to live in the neighborhood we wanted, she also helped us settle in to our new culture and feel "at home". Martina is not just a typical relocation specialist. She has both strong interpersonal skills and a deep knowledge of Basel, resulting in a much easier transition for our entire family. Her ability to navigate the complexities of the Swiss system allowed us to quickly settle into our new surroundings. She did such a great job. We requested her services again when we moved from Basel. Martina was technically our first friend in Basel and my 5 year old daughter still asks about her - a true testament of what she's done for our family!"

Thank you so much; Jennifer, Alice & Sean

Rahki Patel

Legal Counsel | Novartis international

"Martina took the time to get to know me as a person from our very first meeting. She was then able to show me apartments that suited my personality and lifestyle. From start to finish, she was professional, personable and hard working. Even after I moved in, Martina continued to check in on me to make sure I was happy. I highly recommend her to anyone moving to Basel, whether alone or with a family."



Stacey & Alex Johnson | Novartis

"Martina is a professional who really cares about creating a positive relocation experience. We first met Martina during a prehire trip to Basel. When we decided to move to Basel and found out that we would work with Martina again we knew we would be in good hands. Moving to a new country when you don't know the language can be stressful.  Martina understands that and went above and beyond to make sure that our experience moving to Basel was positive. When it came time to find a new apartment, Martina was very proactive.

Many of the other expats we met applied for multiple apartments before they were selected. We think that Martina's proactive contact with the management company made the difference in getting us a great apartment. I wish she could help us again for our next international relocation!!

Stacey & Alex 

Luigia, Diana & Ismaele Ciani | Roche

Quality Assurance release manager & Regional Quality Leader 

I would like to say a big thanks to Martina who has been the essential support for our family during the relocation process. When we were planning to move to Switzerland my first thought was: "It will be not easy" I was wrong! Counting on Martinas knowledge about how to manage a families move made the big change.

She introduced us to Basel from the first second in which we met her and we felt really welcome. I have to admit that it was a busy and sometimes emotional time for us, but because of her help and support we could ride over it. Martina made and makes us feel safe and taken care of. What we appreciated most about her is the ability to listen, understand and take prompt actions; I felt that I had a colleague, a partner and a friend on my side who can support and advice when needed, nearly on all matters. That gave us an additional feeling of security which is so important when you move. Today, we are living in a nice apartment, in a very nice area of Basel, we built up a social life, my daughter is happy at her kindergarten and Martina is still helping and supporting us. I would personally strongly recommend their services to anyone relocating to Basel.